Welcome to ABC Ball Park

April 2014

NOTE -- 4-19-2014 -- We're finalizing the official schedules for our 2014 spring and summer sports season (baseball, softball, tee ball, PAL ball, and GAL ball).  The schedules will be posted later today...

ABC is accepting late registrations (girls and boys) for our 2014 youth recreational Baseball, Softball, Tee Ball, PAL and GAL Ball (machine pitch) leagues on an "as space available" basis.

Most teams are now full but as we become aware of teams with available spots, we'll post them below.  Or send in your request and we'll check in your age group.  

NOTE:  There are available spots on:
- Boys Bantam 1 baseball team - date of birth from Aug 2003 to July 2004
- Boys Bantam 2 baseball team - date of birth from Aug 2002 to July 2003
      (can be younger if OK with playing in the age divisions shown)
Go to the Baseball Sign Ups or Softball Sign Ups page for how to send your registration request.
For full details on our programs (available for girls and boys age 4 through 18), go to the Baseball or Softball or Training League (Tee, PAL, and GAL Ball) information pages.

Interested in becoming an umpire for ABC's upcoming baseball and softball seasons?  

Experienced umpires are always welcome, and training sessions are underway for new umpires.  Umpires must be at least age 14.  Read more...   

 If any players still need a photo ID card, please see the ID Card Info page for details on how to make an appointment and what to bring.  Read more...

REMINDER: Park and league rules PROHIBIT outside food or beverages from being brought into the park (except water/sports drinks for players). For the safety of all, pets of any kind are not allowed on park grounds.
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