Baseball - Sign-ups for 2016 Season

Come join in the fun with ABC Ball Park's recreational baseball program...
Individual player and team sign-ups
The in-person sign up sessions for ABC's recreational baseball program have already been held ... however,
ABC is accepting late registrations on an "as space available" basis.  Go to the Contact ABC page and submit the following information in the message box:

    - Name of player (child)
    - Full date of birth (month/day/year)
    - Gender (male / female)
    - Name of parent/guardian
    - Best contact phone number
    - Indicate if you are willing to assist with coaching or managing a team

We do all we can to place kids on teams, however, teams do fill up (even newly created ones).  Registrations are processed in the order received, so the earlier you sign up, the better!  
NOTE:  If you were on an ABC team last year and intend on playing for the same team again this year, you do not need to re-register or sign up again.  Please contact your team manager or coach to make sure they know you are returning.

Formation of teams depends on having parents or other adults help to coach and operate the team.  Youth sports league teams can only exist with responsible parental/adult involvement.  If you want to know what is involved in coaching or running a team, just ASK!
Who can play?
Age levels for Youth League baseball teams are 8 through 18.  Younger players (4 to 7 year olds -- with birthdates from May 2008 through April 30, 2012) are eligible to participate in ABC's Training League program.  Read more…
See the baseball age chart for the specific age division assignment based on date of birth.  Players MUST be at least 4 years old BY April 30, 2016 (ABC's Opening Day) and cannot be over 18 years old on May 1, 2016.
Where is ABC Ball Park?
ABC Ball Park is located at 10050 Livingston Avenue, St. Ann, MO -- just north of St. Charles Rock Road and St. Gregory Lane - about 1 mile east of Lindbergh Blvd.  Get map…
What is the cost?
There is no initial up front cost to register as an individual player at ABC.  Players pay their share of the team fee when placed on a team.  The fee shown below is for an ENTIRE TEAM -- this amount is divided equally among all team players.
Team registration fees are:
     $450 - Training League teams (T-Ball / PAL Ball / GAL Ball) – 12 game season
     $750 - Youth League teams (pre-high school age) – 14 game season
     $775 - Juvenile 2 and Junior divisions (high school age) – 14 game season
Once placed on a team, additional costs may be incurred for team expenses – such as for uniforms and/or team equipment, when needed.  These costs are determined by each team and are shared among all players.

Photo ID Card?
Photo ID's are required for all baseball players.  New players to ABC or those with expired ID's must come to one of the scheduled ID card sessions scheduled prior to the season.  Read more for currently scheduled dates… 
Bring the child (for a "photo” ID), proof of age (birth certificate or expired ID card), and $5.00.
ID cards are valid for 3 years and can be used for all ABC sport programs.  If you have a non-expired ID card from another sport, it can also be used for baseball.
More Information?
Complete details on ABC’s recreational baseball program are on the main Baseball page. 
For those young enough to play in ABC’s Training League, go to the Training League page for more details. 
Need for info or have questions?  Send us an e-mail message on the Contact ABC page.
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