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Monday, May 21, 2018
All games scheduled for tonight (Monday) have been cancelled due to continuing rain and wet field conditions.  

More rain overnight and very little to no sun and wind to start drying the fields.  One of these days, the rain will stop and the sun will appear -- just not on this day!

Rescheduling of Saturday AND Sunday AND Monday's games (INCLUDING TRAINING LEAGUE) will be done on Monday, May 21 at 7:00 pm in the Rudy Room at ABC.  Affected teams MUST send a representative to this meeting to have its game rescheduled.  Teams not represented will have a date/time selected for them with no changes allowed.

We'll be there early (by 6:30 pm) so if you wish to beat the rush, come on by .... just remember, your opponent's rep needs to be there, too! 
NOTE to TEE, PAL, and GAL teams:
Your participation in these reschedule meetings is new this year.  This will allow you to get your reschedule dates quicker!

NOTE --- Schedules for all ABC training league teams and NCTL youth league baseball and softball teams are now available on our website.  Read more...


REMINDER: Park and league rules PROHIBIT outside food or beverages from being brought into the park (except water/sports drinks for players). 
For the safety of all, pets of any kind are not allowed (no matter how small or how cute) on park grounds.

Effective in April (and continuing with all of our sport programs), ABC Ball Park is no longer requiring teams to provide workers for our concession stand -- just come and play ball, no other work duties required!
We've put in place many park and program improvements in the past few years (new dugouts and many other field improvements, new field house heating, etc. etc.) and now the elimination of the concession stand work requirement is another policy change put into effect based on your feedback.

ABC Ball Park is proud to support STL Youth Sports Outreach in its mission to provide sports equipment for children coming from families in need.

The ABC Information and Rainout telephone number is
Please call for up to date field and game status information.